I am a full-time freelance Drupal developer and consultant based near Chicago. My expertise spans a wide spectrum of Drupal topics from development and maintenance, to DevOps and systems design.

I began working with Drupal in 2009 and moved to working exclusively with Drupal in January of 2013. I now work on several Drupal projects each year in a variety of sectors including government, higher education, business, and entertainment. I often assume roles such as consultant, lead developer, or development team member. I am organized, adaptable, and I am equally at ease working as a member of a team or on my own.

I am a native English speaker and good communicator. I am experienced in communicating technical requirements and limitations to team members, non-technical personnel, and end-users.

I enjoy helping others develop their Drupal skillsets through regular participation in Drupal support channels and giving presentations at Drupal events and meetups.